Fare Calculator
For WMATA Qualified Trips
Fare Calculator
For WMATA Qualified Trips

Professional Fleets and Drivers

  • ARMON -- The “N” in ARMON stand for a Network of various drivers and fleets.

  • ARMON is designed to allow multiple fleets and many individual drivers who wish to serve Abilities Ride to join the network and together provide service to the entire area permitted by WMATA.

  • Qualification: Drivers and Fleets participating in ARMON services are required to

  • Meet certain vehicle requirements for model year and mileage.

  • Meet certain rules and background checks for program safety.

  • Meet and be certified for certain amount of baseline vehicle insurance.

  • Acquire an additional Insurance above the baseline insurance of up $1,000,000 while serving ARMON’s trips. Please talk to ARMON Management for ways to become qualified for this insurance and secure this insurance.

  • How does it work? ? Joining the network is very simple

  • Download the ARMON Driver App for free from the Apple App store or Google Play store by searching the market, or

  • Text to 844-627-7277 the keyword “ARMON Driver” and the system will text you back the download link."

  • Go through ARMON qualification process and Register your app with ARMON management

  • Now you can receive trip from ARMON

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